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 Many quail hunters hear about quail research but most don't know what that really means.  Red Hills Quail Forever will start posting a series of videos based on research that is currently in production at Tall Timbers Research Station.  Tall Timbers is one of our strategic partners and they are helping us best utilize our resources on our public ground projects.  Quail Forever is dedicated to the establishment, on-going maintenance and sustainability of quail & upland habitat.  

The videos are not professional being shot with an iPhone on the fly so the quality is not the best.  However, the information is invaluable and very educational.  The videos will be listed on a page on our web site and can also be found on our Facebook page.  Please follow us on Facebook ( and Instagram (

 Our first series focuses on Edge & Cover Blocking.


Edge & Cover Blocking - Part 2
Sorry about the wind noise in this video

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